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Illustration / 2D-animation

Client: Centraal Museum
Creative agency: Kaliber Interactive
Art direction: Hugo van de Hoef
Sound design: Femke Flageolet / StudioFF

Brain Trip was an interactive installation for the Surreal Worlds exhibition in the Centraal Museum Utrecht, in which you go on a voyage into surrealism via your brain waves. Highlights from painters Joop Moesman and Pyke Koch from their own art collection provided great inspiration.

The animation

The main element of the installation was the animation. We wanted to make it uncomfortable and edgy. Making it hard for the viewer to relax so they kept rewinding the movie via their brainwaves. I learned a lot during the production. I did a lot of research in surrealism for the world builing. Especially in the works of the artist that were featured in the exibition. Making the worlds they created alive for the voyage into surrealism.
Resources and time where limited. Here I learned a good pipeline in the atmost importance in animation even though the team is small.
The animation was made in 2014, Photoshop, Flash and After Effects where the main tools I used for this production.

The installation

The Braintrip uses EEG, this is a brain scanning technique which measures the electrical activity of your brains. Based on that data, the brainreader can see if you're relaxed or tense when you blink you're eyes. The Braintrip takes you through 3 stages. The first is reality. When you are in the trip for a while the surreal world wil enter. When this gets to much, you can get back to reality by focusing again. In the end you're brain wil be to tired to focus and you have no other option than surrender yourself to the surreal world. When you're back to reality you can see the data the brainreader collected.

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