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Client: William Schrikker Groep

There can be several reasons a family may be dealing with a youth care worker. Whatever the reason, the child is the most important thing.
The youth care worker will work with the family and the people the kid care about for a solution to resolve the concerns. Having a youth care worker visiting the family can be quite exciting and difficult for children.

WSG wanted to explain all about the different measures and why a youth care worker is visiting in a series of folders specifically for these childeren and asked me to make the illustrations.

The characters

Most important was to make the characters relatable and appealing to kids.
Kids react strongly to the body language of a character if they like him or her.
We wanted to have a diverse cast. Some stereotypical for recognition and some opposite for inclusion. I went for a friendly and free art style. Avoiding the 'cute' disney and manga look with big eyes. That didn't fit the message what we want to convey.
Because of the sensitive nature of the assignment,  we did several tests with kids and incorporated thair feedback.


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